We are TicTAP

And we want to bind the physical world of your business with the digital world (IoT essence) to convert your business into an efficient system, by providing and organising your valuable data through technological resources.

Your terabytes do not reach your customers or help you get more revenue

Today, most companies offer physical products and / or services that have a variety of digital content associated with them, such as user manuals, technical information, tutorials, SATs, traceability, customer service data, etc.

  But how to get customers to have this information always at hand?

TicTAP, startup founded by D-ATT / * Developers with attitude * /, a consulting company with long experience in the IT sector, mobile applications and IoT solutions, has developed the solution for your business:

A new way to connect the physical world with the digital world in your business to access in seconds the digital contents of your specific product, just by bringing a smartphone to the product and without the need to install any app.

Binding physical & digital worlds

TicTAP - nfc tags - contenidos dinámicos

Dynamic content

Providing rigid and general information is already part of the past. With TicTAP you can provide always updated tutorials, video tutorials or audios of your products to your customers and employees.

TicTAP - nfc tags - Crea tantas apps

Create as many web apps as you need

The sky is the limit. You decide how many web apps you need, number of screens, forms, type of functionality, etc.

TicTAP - nfc tags - Soporte técnico

Direct technical support

We are by your side during the process of creating your apps through support chat, built into the TicTAP platform itself.

TicTAP - nfc tags - Info accesible desde el movil

Accessible informatio where and when is needed

Your customers, workers or employees will love you when they need information about the product and only have to bring their smartphone closer to get it, and directly in their own language!

TicTAP - nfc tags - Diseña tu sistema de trazabilidad

Design your own traceability system totally customised to your business

Set up a system to record the production, delivery and use stages of your products. You decide what to register and what to discard, including information from your final client!

TicTAP - nfc tags - Promociones en el contexto

Promotions and campaigns just in the right context

Launch after-sales campaigns which are visible only by customers who bought a certain product or even a certain product model

Do you have any question?

Check our frequent asked questions sections if you would like to know more about the pricing, smartphone compatibility, design options for the tag, etc.

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