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TicTAP offers a wide range of applications to be able to adapt to both your clients and your sector.

Increase your productivity and sales with Smart Products & Services

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TicTAP Automotive

Offer your customers the option of taking full control of the car maintenance with just one mobile move.

Create specific campaigns for a group based on its car model, version or year of manufacture.

Do you want to boost your sales with these and other functionalities of TicTAP, like improving the efficiency in the internal processes of your company?

TicTAP industry

Would you like to make the leap to the 4.0 industry and improve the industrial processes of your business?

TicTAP focuses on the transformation of industries to 4.0 with a revolutionary solution aimed at communication between employees and machinery.

With TicTAP addressed to industry, you will be able to make the leap to Industry 4.0 in order to improve production and increase profits, without making major structural changes or high economic investment.

TicTAP Your Products

Offer your customers easy, direct access to manuals, video tutorials, etc. from the product itself just by bringing the phone closer.

Show your customers your guarantee commitment by facilitating access to customer service.

Facilitate access to product registration and offer bonuses to get more leads for future campaigns.

Do you want to boost your business with these and other functionalities of TicTAP and improve your communication with customers?

Increase the productivity and benefits of your company with smart products and services.

TicTAP is for any sector, yours too

It does not matter which sector you belong to. TicTAP is a transversal solution to create a communication in both directions with your customers, suppliers, workers … who you need…

Try it for yourself or Access the FAQ section if you want to know more about the price, the compatibility with current smartphones, the design of the label, etc.

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