Stand out from your competitors with TicTAP Automotive

Offer your customers all the information they need about their car on their own mobile, without losing time or having to install any app.

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Create an access to your current customers and send them your new offers

Create a communication channel with TicTAP for your after sales marketing campaigns, and filter them so you reach only the clients that you want.

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Get loyal customers who also recommend you

Help your clients in the moments that most need you. They will recommend you without hesitation and they will never leave you.

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Your clients will love you even in their most critical moments thanks to TicTAP

Offer the digitized vehicle manual from the mobile itself to detect faster the origin of a fault and to enjoy the car again sooner.

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Make your customers feel accompanied by you

Get a service experience that your customers will recommend by offering them access to you just by moving the mobile to the TicTAP tag.

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Would you like to reach your customers in an effective and direct way?

To achieve this goal in the automotive sector is crucial to innovate and to take advantage of the latest technologies. In this sector, both innovation and new technologies, are key factors that make the difference between manufacturers.

  • For some time now, digital technology has been incorporated into vehicles to make them more efficient. One of the remains on which the manufacturers or distributors are now focused is to find a way to communicate with their users directly and at a reasonable cost.
  • There are many brands that have launched mobile applications. However,  mobile apps imply high implementation costs, they also require maintenance costs, and the results obtained so far are generally very ineffective.
  • Less than 0.1% of end users end up installing apps created by industry brands.

Make your vehicles Smart with TicTAP

Discover the new way of communicating with your clients from the own vehicle. Your customers just have to bring a smartphone to a TicTAP sticker located in the vehicle and, without installing any app, they can access to any digital content you want from their mobile.

Creating marketing campaigns for customers of a certain car model,  providing all the technical information of the car,… Imagine what you need, and create it with the platform and TicTAP stickers.

The Magic of TicTAP.

Easily created and customized apps

Without any kind of installation

Information always accessible from the product itself.

So simple

The complete system is based on the combination of contactless tags and our platform so you can create web apps with the information, digital documents and forms you need.

We provide contactless labels to be installed on the vehicles themselves. These labels act as passive elements and do not require electrical power to function.

Our contactless labels offer customers and mechanics a quick way to access any digital content of the vehicle by simply bringing their smartphone to the label and without installing any app.

100% compatible with all smartphones

You can also add a QR code to the labels for old mobile devices without contactless technology. In this way, you will have a solution 100% compatible with all current mobile devices.

Fully configurable

One of the most powerful features of TicTAP is the ability to distribute different information from each label.

Easy to use and manage

You can request the labels and manage the contents to which they direct very easily from the control panel: a user-friendly and very intuitive web platform that allows you to create powerful templates in just a few minutes by simply dragging predesigned components.

Customizable design

Tags and web apps can be completely corporate. In addition, in the case of web apps, they can have very varied contents: images, texts, sliders, forms, etc.

So good for you

TicTAP - nfc tags -Acceso rápido

Quick access to useful and relevant content

Provide content to your customers directly in their own language. Making your customers' life easier has never been so easy.

TicTAP - nfc tags - Soporte técnico

Contents in your client's language

Provide content to customers directly in their own language. Making life easier for your customers has never been easier.

TicTAP - nfc tags - contenidos dinámicos

100% pleasant experience for your customers

Offer a direct access to technical support so your client can report any immediate incident easily and get a fast response.

TicTAP - nfc tags - Seguridad

Completely safe

Sleep tight at night with TicTAP because you will know who can access to your information, you will be able to limit the access level according to the role of the user, and all your data will be transmitted and stored protected.

TicTAP - nfc tags - Promociones en el contexto

Promotions by segments of vehicles

Segment your customers according to their vehicle model, or even by year of manufacture, and create specific after-sales campaigns for each type of customer and vehicle.

TicTAP - nfc tags - Estadísticas

Statistics on your business' secrets

Information is power, specially with the current global competition. So, stand out with respect to your competitors by analyzing what is useful and interesting for your customers, and invest to improve just those parts of your business that are relevant for them.

Try TicTAP now and love it forever.

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