Accessible information where and when is needed

Avoid frustrating experiences for your customers when they use your products

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Build customer loyalty

Get your customers back to you by turning your products into smart devices that offer a unique pleasant user experience.

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Do you want customers to be more satisfied with your products?

Easily convert your products into smart devices to make the user experience a most enjoyable ride.

  • Most products tend to have a lot of digital information, such as user manuals, technical information or videotutorials.
  • End users usually waste a lot of time to find the product information they need. They may have already lost the printed user manual, do not find the information in Internet, etc.

Make life easy for your customers with smart products

Link your products to their information with TicTAP, the new way to access in seconds the digital contents of a specific product just by bringing a smartphone to the product and without the need to install any app. Your products become information points and turn into data collection points.

The Magic of TicTAP

Easily created and customized apps

Without any kind of installation

Information always accessible from the product itself

So simple

The complete system is based on the combination of contactless tags and our platform so you can create web apps with the information, digital documents and forms you need.

We provide contactless labels to be installed on  your products themselves. These labels act as passive elements and do not require electrical power to function.

Our contactless labels offer customers and mechanics a quick way to access any digital content of the vehicle by simply bringing their smartphone to the label and without installing any app.

100% compatible with all smartphones

You can also add a QR code to the labels for old mobile devices without contactless technology. In this way, you will have a solution 100% compatible with all current mobile devices.

Fully configurable

One of the most powerful features of TicTAP is the ability to distribute different information from each label.

Easy to use and manage

You can request the labels and manage the contents to which they direct very easily from the control panel: a user-friendly and very intuitive web platform that allows you to create powerful templates in just a few minutes by simply dragging predesigned components.

Customizable design

Tags and web apps can be completely corporate. In addition, in the case of web apps, they can have very varied contents: images, texts, sliders, forms, etc

Make your products become information points and data collection points at the same time.

TicTAP allows you to create apps linked to your products and with a large number of functionalities completely adaptable to the needs of your business, customers and industry.

TicTAP - nfc tags - Acceso de forma rápida

Fast access

Avoid frustrations to your final client or your employees. They only will have to bring their smartphone to the NFC tag or read the QR code to access the user manual in their own language, read the maintenance sheet, or even access to a menu with different options.

TicTAP - nfc tags - Vía fácil y accesible para dar feedback

Simplify and facilitate feedback

Offer to your customers an easy and accessible way to give feedback on all your products. Then,  analyze it with TicTAP platform and detect recurring problems.

TicTAP - nfc tags - Fácil integración

Build customer loyalty

Get a positive impact of your brand on your customers by offering an excellent user experience with smart products. Once they try them, they will fond of you forever.

TicTAP - nfc tags - Analiza el feedback de tus usuarios

Statistics of your products

Information is power, specially with the current global competition. So, stand out with respect to your competitors by analyzing what is useful and interesting for your customers, and invest to improve just those parts of your business that are relevant for them.

TicTAP - nfc tags - Soporte técnico

Contents in your client's language

Provide content to customers directly in their own language. Making life easier for your customers has never been easier.

TicTAP - nfc tags - contenidos dinámicos - Añade cualquier tipo de información

Dynamic contents

Providing rigid and general information is already part of the past. With TicTAP you can provide always updated tutorials, video tutorials or audios of your products to your customers and employees.

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