Boost your products and services by binding the physical and digital worlds

Innovate and differ your business from your competitors, get more satisfied customers and improve your production processes by making your products and services smart with TicTAP.

Create with TicTAP an innovative, easy and accessible say to allow your products and services to provide all the information that you want to who you want, and also allow to register all the information you need for your business.

Create with TicTAP an innovative, easy and accessible way that your products and services give all the information you want to who you want, and allow you to register all the information you need.

Do you sell products?

By using TicTAP you can allow your clients or workers to access in seconds to the digital contents of a product by simply bringing a smartphone to the product and with no app installation required..

Do you provide services?

TicTAP allows you to create a point to provide or collect information. Your customers will have access to your information at their convenience, from a sticker on any product (factory machines, cars, house devices, etc.) or even from a magnet on the fridge at their homes. Choose what best suits your business.

Create with TicTAP a communication and tracking tool with your customers or employees. TicTAP is very easy to implement and adapt to the needs of your business and sector

So easy for you


Sign up on the TicTAP platform. It’s fast and easy. You can try it for free or ask for a quote here.

TicTAP - Infography - Administrator case - step 2


Request through the platform all the NFC tags you want. They can contain a QR code as well as a custom or standard design. Contact us for more information.

TicTAP - Infography - Administrator case - step 3


Create your web app and manage your label within the same platform, from any device with internet connection and without having to install any app.

So simple & easy for your users


The user brings the mobile to the NFC sticker and automatically your web app is opened in the browser of his mobile. It does not require any installation in the user’s smartphone. The stickers can have your own design with the logo and corporate image of your company.


The user can navigate through your app to get the information you need, fill out a form or any other functionality that you have set up on the platform.

Giving you what's best

  • Create very easily your own professional web apps to which your clients or employees can connect by just bringing their smartphone to the NFC tag or reading the QR code.
  • Build your own tool for marketing, traceability, customer support, ... . Take advantage of the flexibility of TicTAP's platform to create just the kind of web you need, fully adapted to your company.
  • Apply your own corporate designs and a professional look in a few minutes to completely differentiate your brand from your competitors and offer your clients the confidence they expect from you.
  • Manage your tags individually or collectively.
  • Create and customise the templates you want to associate to each NFC tag or group of NFC tags.
  • Ask for more tags with just one click from the TicTAP platform itself.
  • Get feedback from your customers about your products.
  • Identify the most relevant information for your clients from the web app itself and use it for your marketing campaigns.
  • Get statistics and conversion metrics in real time.

And there's still more for you.

TicTAP - nfc tags - Fácil integración

Easy integration

No headaches, big costs or infrastructure changes of your production processes. All you need will be the NFC tags with or without QR code and your computer to access to the TicTAP platform.

TicTAP - nfc tags -Acceso rápido

Fast access

Avoid frustrations to your final client or your employees. They only will have to bring their smartphone to the NFC tag or read the QR code to access the user manual in their own language, read the maintenance sheet, or even access to a menu with different options.

TicTAP - nfc tags - Seguridad

Completely safe

Sleep tight at night with TicTAP because you will know who can access, you will limit the access level according to the role of the user, and all your data will be transmitted and stored protected.

TicTAP - nfc tags - Estadísticas

Statistics of your business

Information is power, specially with the current global competition. So, stand out with respect to your competitors by analysing what is useful and interesting for your customers, and invest to improve just those parts of your business that are relevant for them.

TicTAP - nfc tags - Trazabilidad

Customized traceability

Have a system to record all the stages through which a product passes or register data only in some of them. You will have absolute flexibility to decide what is relevant to register and what to discard.

TicTAP - nfc tags - Adiós papel

Goodbye to the stacks of papers

Forget about the stacks of paper for the registration and maintenance of your machines, or about printing the user manuals that clients always end up losing, etc. The trees of the planet will thank you!

Bringing it beyond

TicTAP - Best Technology Innovation 2018 Award - Advanced Factories 2018 Award
TicTAP - Top 10 2017 Digital Business World Congress 2017

Do you have any question?

Check our frequent asked questions sections if you would like to know more about the pricing, smartphone compatibility, design options for the tag, etc.

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