The platform for your full management of assets and facilities

Connect every asset of your facilities and manage them efficiently. Have everything under control with the most flexible app-less solution.

TiTAP - Platform for management of traceability, management and control of assets, facilities and team

Get a complete digital solution in the simplest way

Through the TicTAP online platform and its NFC tags, track and manage assets and personnel without the limitations and costs of IoT, custom apps, or complicated proprietary software / hardware.

Adhere the TicTAP tags to the objects or places you wish to manage

Put the labels on the assets, products or facilities that you want to manage, control, maintain, track with historical data, get traceability, communicate with the customer; etc.

Configure the labels on the TicTAP platform

Easily create and configure your own webapps on the platform without requiring technical knowledge. You can create custom forms, give information, send offers, etc. for each tag or group of tags.

Access the data of your new Smart objects

Your operators or end customers will be able to access the content assigned by you through the platform (user manuals, forms, history, etc.) by simply bringing their mobile closer to the product’s label, asset, and installation. 

You need to manage and control your assets, products or facilities in a productiveefficientquickcentralized way

You are probably facing several complications in your day to day:

You do not have the means to obtain and analyze the performance indicators of your operators.

You cannot achieve complete traceability because your assets, parts, and products go through several phases and agents.

Current solutions (IoT, custom apps, etc.) are expensive both in implementation and maintenance.

Tools have turned out to be too rigid, difficult to use, and not adapted to the needs of your business.

It's difficult to maintain a centralized digital history of parts, machines, assets, and facilities.

User manuals get lost or are difficult to find on your existing file system.

Real solutions for your company

Depending on the needs of your business, you will be interested in:

Equipment management

Centralize all your equipment. Streamline asset maintenance and optimize resource allocation.

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Vehicle maintenance

Digitize your vehicle maintenance seamlessly. Maximize vehicle reliability.

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Fire management

Connect every aspect of your facility’s fire management and manage it efficiently.

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Risk assesment

Ensure traceability and storage compliance of personal protective equipment.

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Tool management

Manage maintenance for tools, equipment, and machines efficiently.

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Cleaning services

Track cleaning tasks digitally and maintain a record of product inventory.

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What will you get with TicTAP?


Have full traceability of assets

With the TicTAP labels and platform you can control at all times and in real time which way your products have taken until they reach the final market.

You can also apply TicTAP to facilities, machinery, trains, etc. and have complete traceability of assets and their parts to be able to have a total follow-up even when they must be sent to third companies for repairs, reviews, etc.


Streamline maintenance

Operators bring their own mobile closer to the TicTAP label and can automatically access the forms to record the revision and interventions carried out. All the data entered will be recorded in the asset or facility history. Paperless and without having to install any app.

Tailored to your assets, facilities and technical equipment

Create and customize your own forms so that your operators always have forms adapted to the maintenance of each device, machine or installation.

Affordable to everyone

TicTAP has been intelligently devised avoiding the need for complex infrastructures, expensive apps, antennas, tablets or any type of special device. That is why it can offer very competitive prices compared to other platforms and solutions.

Simple and effective control and management

You will have all the data that the operators or users enter, and you will be able to see them graphically to show relationships and analyze them in reports, allowing you to analyze the data to have 100% control and management of your products, facilities or assets.

It’s simple, but we make it even easier for you

Following our premise of simplifying things, although TicTAP is a simple system to install and configure, we will configure the platform for your business so that from the first moment you have the tool completely ready.

Have a direct channel of communication with your customers 1 to 1

You will be able to offer only the information that interests each client when they access the product, asset or installation data. In addition, you can also send notifications to their mobile so that you can send them notifications or even carry out one-to-one marketing campaigns.

Success stories

Discover how some companies and businesses have already improved their traceability, maintenance, and communication using TicTAP

Damm Group

Control and maintenance of fire protection installations


Traceability of generator sets with nesting of assets

These clients already trust us

Some of them have integrated TicTAP with the systems that they already had for other management purposes in the company.

TicTAP is for your company

The flexibility of TicTAP allows you to take advantage of its functionalities and benefits for your company.

TicTAP for B2B

TicTAP for B2C

TicTAP for B2B2C

Apply intelligent control and management to your facilities

Get complete management, 360º traceability and direct communication and marketing with your customers.

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