Risk assesment

Trace and check the traceability and storage of personal protective equipment

Ensure traceability and storage compliance of personal protective equipment. Use our flexible and intuitive app-less solution to control risk assesment.

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Track and manage your personal protective equipment without the limitations and costs of IoT, custom apps, or complicated proprietary software / hardware. Withthe TicTAP online platform and its NFC tags your personal protective equipment management it’s eassier than ever!

Personal protective equipment

Personal protective equipment and risk identification

Engineer protection, Facility risk assesment identification

Personal protective equipment

protective equipment  

Equipment checks and common defects identification 

Multiple stakeholders


Engineers, Workers, Managers, Visitors and Contractors

What will you get with TicTAP?

Inform about equipment usage

Empower your team with crucial personal protective equipment (PPE) training to tackle hazards effectively.

Our platform offers essential information, enabling informed decisions and risk reduction in the workplace.

Inform about equipment usage
Status check and traceability

Status check and traceability

Efficiently conduct status checks, including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) verification, to maintain safety standards seamlessly.

Utilize our streamlined book-in/book-out system for thorough traceability of assets and personnel.

Risk identification checkpoints

Deploy risk identification checkpoints accessible to all plant personnel, enabling proactive hazard recognition.

Effortlessly conduct storage safety inspections to mitigate potential risks linked with storage facilities.

Apply intelligent control and management to your machinery

Achieve complete management, 360º traceability and direct communication and marketing with your customers

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