Commit your time to what matters to you and your company

We connect the physical world with the digital one in a simple and accessible way so that you can spend more time on tasks that truly increase the efficiency and profitability of your company, or simply rest more!

Viewing or managing the information of your products, assets and facilities should not be expensive or complicated

The founders of TicTAP thought this same every time they saw:

  • The amount of time companies and professionals wasted handling large amounts of information and records, or unbearable digital files
  • The large sums of money they invested in applications and digital tools too expensive to create and maintain.

Technology is becoming simpler and less expensive, but these attributes do not seem to reach your company.

Companies and businesses must continue to use complex and custom software, depending on IT teams to update, maintain and adapt it.


We simplify companies’ life like yours by reducing efforts and costs in the management and traceability of assets, facilities management, and human resources. 

You will enjoy the control you need of products, assets, facilities, and/or human resources while you will save unnecessary expenses, and you will be able to make better business decisions based on real data. 

How is it possible?

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TicTAP will connect your physical world (your assets, facilities, and access points) to the Internet to collect real data and link them to each physical element, through simple tagging systems, without the need to install private apps, breaking all entry barriers.

In this way,  we create a data-based management solution, accessible to all companies and businesses that want to improve efficiency and profitability. 

The TicTAP team

Our leadership team

Jordi Breda

CEO & Co-founder

Guillermo Ferrer

CTO & Co-founder

These clients already trust us

Some of them have integrated TicTAP with the systems that they already had for other management purposes in the company.

We work with the support of reference partners:

We keep a close relationship with leading partners in their sector to ensure that we fully satisfy the needs of our clients.

TicTAP is for your company

The flexibility of TicTAP allows you to take advantage of its functionalities and benefits for your company.

TicTAP for B2B

TicTAP for B2C

TicTAP for B2B2C

Apply intelligent control and management to your facilities

Get complete management, 360º traceability and direct communication and marketing with your customers.

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