Success cases: Damm Group

Control and maintenance of extinguisher installations

In a company of the magnitude of DAMM, facilitating management in any process means maximizing productivity and efficiency. Compliance with regulations is necessary to ensure the safety of employees and factories, but the maintenance required with traditional systems (paper, excels, etc.) as many companies do, make this management and maintenance a cumbersome task, easy to create errors and ultimately costly for the company. Therefore, Damm Group has TicTAP for the management and maintenance of its fire prevention equipment and fire extinguishers.

Improved safety and efficiency with instantly updated fire extinguishers

With TicTAP, fire extinguishers and maintenance equipment become information containers themselves. The person responsible for maintenance only needs to bring the mobile to the TicTAP label of the extinguisher and enter the information of the new revision and maintenance performed. Simply, easy, functional and affordable.

By using the TicTAP platform, Grupo Damm has achieved:

  • Traceability of fire prevention assets
  • Asset Review (TPM)
  • Record and track incidents
  • Active review calendars
  • Internal staff communications
  • Automatically accessible review history

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Control and maintenance of fire protection installations


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