Real Estate

Manage your buildings and offer a communication channel to flat owners and tenants.

Connect your buildings with your flat owners and tenants. Control and trace all communication directly from a single platform.

Estate communication, management and control platform.

Estate communication, management and control platform.

It offers information, regulations, emergency contacts and also services and direct communication with the owners.


Access the content without the need to install no app.



No paper, no printing, directly in digital format.

Multi language

Add all the information in multiple languages ​​so that each client can see your information in their language.


Service for TIERs 1, 2, 3, between between administrators, presidents and propierty owners.

Integrable with existing CRM and scalable

Integrable with ERP.

Administration and control of all your buildings

Manage your properties, estates or assets in seconds: organize them recursively into groups, control their traceability, update information by dwelling … All this in an easy, fast, transversal, scalable way and from the same platform.

Easily share all the information you want to offer to the presidents, owners and/or tenants: information about news, minutes, complaints, etc.

It offers a whole digital world related to your properties through stickers, magnets or key rings just by bringing a smartphone, and allows your clients to access information, regulations, news, etc.

Internet of things

Communication channel with your communities

It offers a two-way communication channel between the administrator and the communities, owners and / or tenants.

Create a virtual bulletin board to inform your neighbors of everything you want. Offers minutes, community information, meeting schedule, and much more!

And, in addition, it controls and manages the cleaning and maintenance of the property, offers incident forms and emergency service telephones. One-click access to all historical building activity and create reports.

Management and control of vacation rentals

Improve your tenants’ stay by offering them manuals, Wi-Fi password, documentation, queries, incidents, information about the area, places of interest, offers, etc. from one place and just by bringing your phone close to a magnet or vinyl.

Control and manage all the information from the same platform and send your own offers or from nearby stores or premises directly, organize direct and segmented up-selling campaigns according to your tenant and offer discounts, bonuses, etc.

How it works


Creation experience

Install TicTAP tags on your assets and add all the services you want through our platform in an easy and intuitive way.


Customer experience

Your customers will be able to access all the information, services or offers just by bringing their smartphone or tablet closer.


Management experience

Manage your products, its documentation and maintenance history in a single platform and in an intuitive and visual way.

These clients already trust us

Some of them have integrated TicTAP with the systems that they already had for other management purposes in the company.

We work with the support of reference partners:

We keep a close relationship with leading partners in their sector to ensure that we fully satisfy the needs of our clients.

TicTAP is for your company

The flexibility of TicTAP allows you to take advantage of its functionalities and benefits for your company.

TicTAP for B2B

TicTAP for B2C

TicTAP for B2B2C

Apply intelligent control and management to your facilities

Get complete management, 360º traceability and direct communication and marketing with your customers.

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